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This is an amazing limited time deal from Stuff Fibre, winner of the Broadband Compare Award for Best Fibre Broadband Provider in 2017. 

Our exclusive Stuff Fibre Voucher Code lets you get 6 Months HALF PRICE 100/20 Fibre Broadband when you use the code BBC6M39-MP27218(EXPIRED)


*Terms apply.


We rate this deal as one of the very best in the market, it is only available through Broadband Compare and works out at just $59.63 per month over the length of the contract.  To take advantage of our exclusive Broadband Compare Stuff Fibre Promotion, follow these simple steps.

1. Make a note of the exclusive Broadband Compare Stuff Fibre Voucher Code - BBC6M39-MP27218 (EXPIRED)

2. Check you can get Fibre Broadband meaning you can qualify for this Stuff Fibre Exclusive deal.  Enter your address here

3. Leave your details with Broadband Compare to ensure we can contact you if any queries

4. Be redirected to Stuff Fibre to complete your remaining sign up details including payment details

5. Enter the Stuff Fibre Voucher Code (that you made a note of earlier) in the relevant field on the sign up page - as shown below.

6. Sit back and enjoy your savings... Stuff Fibre will be in touch to finalise getting you up and running!


Stuff Fibre Promo Sign Up


This offer is only available in Fibre Broadband areas


Valid on a 12 month contract only

Price discount only available to 100/20 speed offering

Early Termination Fee applies

Free Gigabit Router

Free Broadband Installation

Speed Boost to the fastest possible speed available to you costs an additional $30.00 per month

Voice will cost an additional $10.00 per month

Stuff Fibre decision on applying any promotion is final


Stuff Fibre Promo Sign Up


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