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Slingshot Broadband - Award Winner
Sunday, November 18, 2018

Slingshot love all the good things you love – like brilliant broadband, power and mobile, decent prices and amazing, good old-fashioned service.

As one of the major broadband providers in the country, Slingshot have been getting Kiwis connected since 2001, so we reckon they have a pretty fair idea what people are after and it seems they do as THOUSANDS of their customers once again voted for Slingshot in the Broadband Compare People's Choice Award which they won for the second year in a row - excellent job!

Slingshot are now also offering Power in a Broadband and Power Bundle with a great price.  If you are looking for the convenience of a single bill and a great deal then Slingshot should be firmly placed in your consideration.  Slingshot offer broadband on ADSL, VDSL and Fibre, as mentioned they also offer power and you can even get your mobile plan through Slingshot, so if you are looking to save money with a bundled broadband plan they may well be a great option for you.

...and with our exclusive limited time offer of SIX MONTHS HALF PRICE it is a great time to join Slingshot - See the offer details here.

Still need to know more?  Then read on to learn more about Slingshot broadband features and benefits.


Experience — Slingshot were one of the first.

Slingshot have been selling Broadband plans longer than most of their competitors in NZ.  They started way back in 2001 as a challenger to Telecom (now Spark) and have gone from strength to strength to become one of the largest providers in the country.

Slingshot offer both unlimited Data Broadband Plans and capped data plans

In 2018 the average Kiwi household was consuming well over 150Gb of data a month and so for most homes, there is little point in considering a capped data broadband plan, although if that is what you need then, then Slingshot have you well catered for with a 150Gb broadband plan from $69.95 per month.  Whatever you need, Slingshot Boradband has a plan for you! 

Gigantic Fibre Broadband Plans - The Fastest Slingshot Broadband plan is under $100 a month!

Fibre’s the best connection type for surfing the web… and it gets even better when it gets faster and Slingshot offer some super fast fibre broadband plans around.  With the Slingshot Gigantic fibre plans, you can get super fast fibre up to 950Mbps, the fastest plan that Slingshot can offer – that is FAST fibre! 

Slingshot Mobile – did you know that Slingshot offer mobile?

Slingshot makes mobile easy and their plans are great value. Just bundle a mobile plan in with your broadband plan and you're away. It's a no-brainer and Slingshot Mobile starts at $20 a month.  One monthly bill, fantastic plans, and really good rates. It's a no-brainer if you’re looking to bundle.   The Slingshot Mobile plans come with a great range of add-ons for extra calls, data and roaming.  They are great ways to keep your mobile bill low.

Slinshot Power – did you know Slingshot also offer power plans?

Well, they do!  Slingshot has the power! Their sweet prompt payment discounts can save you 10% off your broadband plan and 10% off your power... worth looking into if you want to bundle your power and broadband together.

Slingshot Home Moving team

Off to new digs? It's easier with the Slingshot dedicated move team. They are there to help and answer any questions you have about your move - well, probably not any questions but they can certainly help when talking about broadband or power!

Slingshot Broadband Prices

Slingshot have a great price point… and it is even better with our exclusive Slingshot Broadband plan.  You can click here to compare Slingshot plans now or click through here to find out more about our exclusive 6 months half price broadband plan. 

All the details of the exclusive plan can be seen here - 

To find out more about Slinshot Broadband and compare Slingshot Broadband plans - Click Here 

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