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Broadband Compare Awards celebration
Jul 7, 2020
The Broadband Compare Awards return for 2020
The Broadband Compare Awards 2020 will reveal the best internet providers in New Zealand. This is a call out to everyone who values excellence in the New Zealand Broadband and Telecoms industry.  October 16th 2020 will see the....
Best bundled broadband & power deals
Jul 6, 2020
Best Broadband Bundle Deals
Bundling your broadband and power plans can be a great way to cut down on life admin, and often save money in the process. Compare some of the best bundled broadband and power deals on Broadband Compare.
Megatel - boost wifi speed
Jun 23, 2020
Top 4 ways to max your wifi speed
Super-fast broadband sounds good on paper, but the reality can be anything but. Constant buffering, weak signals and sites that won’t load. The good news? These things are fixable! Sponsored
Comparing broadband plans online
Jun 7, 2020
What to look for when comparing broadband plans
What should you look for when choosing a new broadband plan? VDSL, Fibre 100 or Gigabit, unlimited or capped, bundled, contract or no contract? Here's our guide on how to choose the best plan for you, and make sure you're getting a good deal in the process. 
The end of free Lightbox for Spark customers.
Jun 3, 2020
The end of free Lightbox for Spark customers.
If you are a Spark broadband or mobile customer who is currently enjoying a free Lightbox subscription... the end is nigh!
SKY TV CEO Martin Stewart
May 21, 2020
Sky TV announces plans to enter broadband market next year
Exciting news for those who love entertainment, sport and broadband. Sky TV has announced plan to enter the broadband market. Here’s what we know so far! 
Broadband performance during lockdown
May 21, 2020
NZ Broadband’s lockdown report card
Independent tests reveal how NZ's broadband performed during COVID-19 lockdown. How did ADSL, VDSL and Fibre broadband perform during lockdown? How did your home broadband compare?
Pulling the plug on copper broadband - have your say
May 20, 2020
Have your say - Protections for consumers that Chorus wants to move off copper broadband
Have you had your say on the withdrawal of traditional copper broadband? The Commerce Commission wants your feedback on protections for consumers that Chorus wants to move off copper and broadband services.
Compare Power and Financial products with NZ Compare
May 18, 2020
Compare Power and Financial products with NZ Compare
Did you know that Broadband Compare is just one of the great tools available to Kiwi consumers to help you compare products and services?  Broadband Compare is part of the NZ Compare family of websites which also includes Money Compare and Power Compare.
Comparing broadband plans online
May 15, 2020
Compare Broadband Connection Types in NZ – which is best for your home?
Are you looking for a better broadband connection? Do you need ADSL, VDSL, wireless, or Fibre? This will depend on how you use the internet. Here’s our guide to making an informed choice about the best broadband plan for your home. 
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